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New beginnings for Vintage Bridal

Vintage wedding dresses creatively remade together with European fabrics to sell contemporary and luxurious wedding attire. The best vintage bridal was made with high-end fabrics and skilled craftsmanship; but the silhouettes are no longer relevant or flattering. Mercier Stockholm offers a modern alternative for the nostalgic and sustainably conscious bride. By using the vintage fabric and details together with leftover fabrics from high quality European factories, a completely new yet, sustainable wedding dress is made.​ During the journey of finding vintage bridal of course some classic treasures are found. These are left untouched and resold in all their glory.

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I, Natalie Mercier started Mercier Stockholm Bridal for two main reasons. After 10 years as a fashion designer, from high-end to high-street, I have seen the waste in fashion first hand.  I want to take better responsibility and address this issue in my own way. Secondly, my life-long appreciation for weddings and romance has driven me to want to design my own wedding dress collections. My strengh lies in the small details, so a blank white canvas is the perfect base to explore applique, decoration and details within the silhouette. My design style comes from a mix of cultures. My British upbringing, French heritage, and a design career based in Sweden influence me everyday. Each country with their own unique design language, provides me with a wealth of inspiration to create. I also love the hunt for the perfect vintage wedding dress to base my design on. It often leads me to new places where I can hear the story behind the dress and the bride who wore it. My own grandparents had a long and happy marriage of 60 years and I love the idea you can pass on this good fortune through a dress. Please book in an appointment soon and lets create your perfect wedding dress!



Working with Konstsim Kreativ

Exploring Wedding and Water. A capsule collection of wedding dresses inspired by the beautiful sport that is, Synchronised Swimming

Konstsim Kreativ are an events performing synchronised swimming group who came with the creative project of designing wedding dresses inspired by their sport. Key was highlighting the softness and fluidity that water brings to movement aswell as having fun with all things that glitter! Every designer loves an opportunity to create something beautiful and free of conventional rules and the project was welcomed with open arms. The entire process was a joy from choosing the best 'water' fabrics and hand sewing beads and sequins to choosing which glittering make-up we would use. Our photographer really captured the softness of movement in fabrics aswell as the elegance of the swimmers. A calm comes over me looking at these images: a sensation described by Konstim Kreativ themselves as they take a deep dive below.

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