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Sustainable Choices

Recognising sustainability as a priority to be upheld in modern fashion practices, my dresses intend to meet the desires of brides who wish to make both meaningful and more sustainable purchases for their big day.

 I want to take something as notably single-use as a wedding dress – traditionally intended to only be worn once – and breathe new life into it in a way which provides longevity to both the wearer, as well as the wider bridal industry. But most of all; vintage wedding dresses are beautiful, why wouldn't you want to save them? Never mass-produced and always with a detail significant of a certain decade they are a playground to be explored and a story to be shared on your wedding day.


Start as you mean to go on

By applying the re-manufacturing process to vintage bridal approximately 7,000kg of CO2 per tonne of textile waste is saved. Thats the equivalent to driving a car for 1.5 years!

European Fabrics

Not everything from a vintage dress can be saved. So I skillfully mix them with deadstock fabrics; for example a fabric overproduced. I only source in Europe, like silk from Vanners in England. This is so I can keep production close and quality high. I strive to create bridal collections that appeal to a modern bride. No 'vintage chic' style here. They are completely rejuvenated. I bring them into this century whilst retaining all the romanticism of the past. 


Your unique and sustainable wedding dress is waiting to be transformed.

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